This page presents a chronological order of my painting and drawing works.


An Illusion of Occlusion, 2023
Online Exhibition:

Another Life, 2022-
Online Exhibition:

Angry Mom, 2022
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Calenders, 2022-
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When I Painted You, 2021-2022
Online Exhibition:

Know Your Enemy, 2021 - 2022
Online Exhibition:

Many of Us, Marker on paper, August 2021, 8x11, Jan 2021
Online Exhibition:

I Remember You, Emulsion lift and marker on paper, 8x11, Jan 2021
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Show Me Love, marker and type on paper, 2020
Online Exhibition:

Gimme Gates, oil on canvas, 2020

void loop crave, electronics on canvas, 2020


Ithaca, oil on canvas, 2017

청명한 하늘 Clear blue sky, oil and electronics on canvas, 2017

Many of you #0, marker on panel, 2014

Seoul, marker on wooden panel, 2015

Event, Oil and neon on plywood, 122cm x 122cm, 2015

Many of you, marker on paper, 2015

Many of you, 2014
Online Exhibition:

Cloud, marker on wooden panel, 2014

Red Burns, markers on wood, 2014


Another Day #2, marker and electronics on plywood, 2014

Another Day #1, marker, oil, and electronics on plywood, 2014

Another Day #3, marker, oil and and electronics on plywood, 2014

A contemporary testament, oil on canvas (magritte parody work), 2014

A new actor, oil on canvas, 2014

When wind blows, oil on canvas, 2014


Torrie's Self-Portrait oil on canvas, 2013

First Wind oil on canvas, 2013

Blue Dream oil on canvas, 2013

Undercurrent oil on canvas, 2013

Is it all a dream? acrylic on canvas, 2013


Washington Square Park acrylic on canvas, 2012

Redemption acrylic on canvas, 2011


Travel, acrylic on canvas, 2007 (very first painting)