These are the music pieces that I have composed, covered, and collaborated with other musicians. I mainly use diatonic harmonicas (mostly Lee Oskar), modular synth, Vocaloid, Moog Grandmother, and my own DIY audio-visual computational tools such as Three Philosopher, echo, soundBug, and Intermodulator.

Project Leondidis -

Project Leondidis is a research project that explores how human and computational virtual humans interact and collaborate to produce artistic audio-visual work. It also produces the original web drama titled 'Abduct Her Oeuvre', depicting its ethnographic story about how Leo Kang and the computers met, interacted, and produced artworks together.

Jam with Owen Marshall (2022)

Meditation B (2021) - sampling: Dream Theater's Regression

This is Happening Now (2020)

Everyday Electronics as Musical Collaborators (2018)

Introduction to Intermodulator (2018)

Running to Stand Still (U2 cover with Trevor Pinch, 2017)

In the Slope (2017) / Recorded by JAIE

echo("Hello World"); (2016)

Here Comes the Wind with you (2016)

Thinking about you (2016) / Recorded by JAIE