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Laewoo (Leo) Kang, 강래우 (姜來佑), Ph.D.

Independent HCI researcher, multi-media artist
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Hello, there! Welcome to my online space. My name is Leo Kang (강래우). I am an indie researcher and artist, majorly working in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and media art. My work explores how art practice can be a useful learning model in computing and the broader STEM fields.

I use various art practices (painting, music, photography...), technology design, and ethnography as an integrated method to understand and study such interdisciplinary topic. I also exhibit my artwork as an alternative form of research representation in which core research questions are explored in both aesthetic and speculative ways.

I completed my PhD in Information Science with a minor in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from Cornell University (2022). Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy my work here! Please email me if you have any questions.