Leo Kang's Frontstage


The Shadow of Your Smile, 2020-
Online Exhibition: http://leokang.com/theshadowofyoursmile/
iPhone 3s donated by Dr. Geri Gay (Cornell)

Bullet in Your Head, (2021-2022)
Online Exhibition: https://www.leokang.com/bulletinyourhead/

당신 생각, thinking about you, 2017
Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/thinkingaboutyou/

Mixed media works from 'Another Day', 2016

My first television, 2016
Online Exhibition: http://www.leokang.com/myfirsttelevision

100 Desires to see the Sky, 2013
Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/100desires/

A new actor, 2015

Almost July, 2015
Online Exhibition: http://www.leokang.com/almostjuly

Bookshelf, 2015
Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/bookshelf/