Leo Kang's Frontstage

Three Philosophers at NIME 2023
About Three Philosophers: https://leokang.com/threephilosophers/

Laewoo (Leo) Kang, 강래우 (姜來佑)

Independent HCI researcher, multi-media artist
(email) laewoo@gmail.com; (C.V) download C.V (2023)

Hello, there! Welcome to my online space. My name is Leo Kang (강래우). I am an indie researcher and artist, majorly working in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and media art. My work explores how art practice can be a legitimate and beneficial model for learning, teaching, and conducting research for HCI, design, and the broader STEM fields.

I use various art practices (painting, music, photography...), technology design, and ethnography as an integrated method to understand and study such interdisciplinary topic. I also exhibit my artwork as an alternative form of research representation in which core research questions are explored in both aesthetic and speculative ways.

I hold a PhD in Information Science from Cornell University (2022). My dissertation title is 'Improvisation and Aesthetic Engagement for HCI', which explores alternative research and pedagogical frameworks where artists can engage in and contribute to HCI research and education in their own art and collaborative practices. This work was produced with much help of my three dear advisors: Dr. Steven Jackson, Dr. Phoebe Sengers, and Dr. Trevor Pinch.